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Dr Ganga Devi S V S

Professor I am SVS Ganga Devi , working as Professor in Mada... View Profile

Dr Naveen Kumar

Head of the Department Image processing, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan V

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Datamining, Data science, Fuzzy logic... View Profile

Dr Saravanamuthu M

Assistant Professor Computer Science and Applications... View Profile

Dr Althaf Ali Achukatla

Assistant Professor Computer Applications... View Profile

Dr Maruthamuthu Ramasamy

Assistant Professor Data science and Image mining... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Jagan

Assistant Professor Using software engineering concepts for building t... View Profile

Mr Balamurugan Souprayen

Assistant Professor Area of Research follows Deep Learning based IDS... View Profile

Dr Hemalatha Kulala

Assistant Professor Blockchain, Datascience... View Profile

Mr S.Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor I'm Suresh working as a assistant professor in mad... View Profile

Mrs Kavitha Subramanyam

Assistant Professor Iam K Kavitha, Assistant Professor in MITS under t... View Profile

Dr Sivaraj C

Assistant Professor IOT, AdHoc Networks... View Profile

Dr Jansi Rajasekaran

Assistant Professor Computational intelligence... View Profile

Mr Hanok Pala

Assistant Professor Expert in computer Applications... View Profile

Mrs Theepalakshmi P

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, Optimization Algorithms... View Profile

Mr Saravanan T

Assistant Professor Cloud computing, Human Resource Management, Big Da... View Profile

Mr Mohammed Yacoob B A

Assistant Professor Data Mining,DBMS... View Profile